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India's first carbon bike Montra. Anybody knows the cost?

I just saw this ad.


Does anybody knows the price of this sexy indian beauty?

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Thanx. The bike looks great! but i want to ask, is an indian made bike is worth paying this huge amount? i mean if it is an imported bike then it's ok. what do u think?

The bike is 100% made in india. i guess we should be proud of such an achievement. its a great thing. have u seen  BSA kruze if u have a look at it you wont believe that its made in india completely.

as far as the worthiness of the bike goes we have to wait for few of them to roll out and see the response.  

65000 Rs. approx. But i need to know y r u spending a lot in this bike. I dont think that carbon is such a grt issue to spend 65000 bucks. Montra is made by TI cycles, which was created by a group of UK. It is a great manufacturer of cycles whose famous brands are Hercules and BSA
I dont think that carbon is such a grt issue to spend 65000 bucks.
Wow! No wonder you ride a hero octane recra.. oh wait u havent even "riden" it yet!   Seriously dude? 17 hrs into this place and u are already an expert? without even riding your new "best" choice bike??
Hmm. Nice comment. But i cant find better than this available to me here, i dont reside in any metro city so i can have a nice one. I own what I ride dude. But thanx for predicting me (well it was not exact though)
I will ride my best trip a day after tomorrow to Chaiturgarh dear. I havnt "riden" it bcoz there wer my exams for which i had to prepare. But the day has come and i will be gotta going through the mountains of Chaiturgarh.Yuppeeeeeee....... & will upload the images soon. TC and god bless
Actually there are three models from TI cycles for Montra. Complete carbon bicycle (Montra Techno), alloy frame with carbon fork and straight handle bar (Montra Jazz) and alloy frame with carbon fork and dropped handle bar (Montra Country). The price varies between 21k to 60k. Actually this is the first Carbon bike in India thats y its so costly. At the tym wen more companies will make Carbon bikes, then the rates will go down
thanks guys for such wonderful replies.
@sagar. Your most welcome dear



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