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Could anyone help me to choose my shoes for cycling.

Is there any special type of shoes available for cycling ?

Please help.

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it depends on what type of cycling you intend doing. for regular, casual cycling, upto 20 km or so, normal sports shoes will do just fine, in my opinion.

for longer rides, special cycling shoes with cleats are needed, as well as special pedals. both of these cost a few thousand rupees at the very least, so you should decide depending on your need.

Generally a shoe with a hard sole would be a suitable one. You can also try using the clipless type of shoes and suitable pedals. There are different types of pedal sets for MTB and road bikes. You can check them at many cycling site like or search shimano clipless pedals you will get a lot of information.

 Hi Swapan.

I have 2 options to recommend for you:


Select 'Shoes' on the filter and you'll get different products listed.


This is the second option which I personally use:


It is available in India at the Adidas store and other dealers.





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