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Hello everyone,

                       My name is Dheeraj Reddy. I'm planning to buy a bicycle but am confused.

I would use my cycle for fitness, to cycle when I'm bored and maybe for a race :)

My height is 5' 9", weight is 66kg. I will be riding mostly on roads (tar or kachha) and that too only in the city. I left cycling when I was in 7th class and now I'm in my 2nd year of engineering. Budget for the cycle cannot exceed 10,000 rupees.

                        Based on the above info., could anyone suggest a suitable bicycle?

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i have firefox roadrunner. one and half year old, not perfect but in good condition. If you want you can check it.


What is the distance you will be riding per day?

if its shorter distance, you can opt for MTB or Hybrid.

Thanks for the reply!

I will be riding mostly on weekends but not daily! Whenever I take it out ill be riding for around 2km for sure. Weekly once I plan to travel around 10-12km for fitness or just to kill boredom.

Than you can go for single geared bike. that will give you better result for fitness in shorter distance.

check BSA mach or hero hawk nu age (will be around 3,5-4.500)

I saw pics of those bikes online... They look good... Thanks a lot :)

bike is heavy, but good for shorter distance. where are you located?

you can find second hand too. that will cost cheaper.

once you feel better on wheel, you can opt for cycle of little higher price.


welcome to cyling

I currently live in Hyderabad. Is there any online site to check out where in Hyderabad we could get second hand bikes or get them for rent?

check the cyclop/cyclope group on FB, you will find awesome deal.

dont take it on rent (if you are planning for regular cycling).

i have heard from my friends that bsa mach is a good choice for racing or even u can consider the octane.


I use a Mach with 6 speed Shimano for short distances of unto 10-15 kms. Cost was Rs 4600 in 2010, ordered via website. With the Mach, ensure that you maintain proper tyre pressure, or rims will go out of shape due to bumps in road. In order to do this I fitted GRL tires with air seal tubes. The stock TI tyres develop sidewall cracks at high pressure. 

Go for a test ride of some bikes, i'd recommend a firefox but you should go with what you like & are omfortable with.

Guidance :

Pricing : Another matter.



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