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How about a ride across Aarey Road to Powai lake? Sunday 4th January 2009.

Hi guys, I was wondering if we could again do a ride from the Western Highway end of Aarey Road down to Powai lake.

If we start from the Western Highway entrance of Aarey Road, we could reach Powai lake in about an hour. The distance would be about 15 km till Powai lake. If somebody knows a food joint there, we could also have something to eat there, relax near the lake for a while and then ride back.

Otherwise, we could also get something to eat at the Dhaba on Aarey Road.

The ride time from Aarey entrance to Powai lake to Aarey entrance should not take more than 2 hours and 15 minutes. So, if we stay at Powai lake for an hour, we should be back at Aarey in 3 and a half hours.

I suggest we start from Aarey at 6:45. So we can be back at Aarey by 10-10:30.

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We did, though not exactly on this one. Just three of us showed up at the appointed time, so on a popular vote we went off to Borivali National Park. We off- roaded there and did some steep uphills on roads. To close it we had a nice breakfast and then rode back home.
Yes we definitely had a lot of fun.
so guess thats y i was the only one ridin to powai lake :) no sweat, catch u guys next sunday :)
Hey Shoan. 6:45 was the time. We waited till 10 past 7. Sorry about that anyway.
My cell number is 98673 14310. Next time, do call me or someone else, if you are coming in late. We got tired of waiting and then went off. We could have waited if we knew for certain you were coming. Others had also confirmed but did not show up.
Now I am wondering if they also all rode separately to Powai lake.



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