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Help required with Ladies cycle selection

Hey guys - know this one topic has been hammered to death, so hoping there is a quick info available. Issue is like this - my boss's wife want to try cycling. She is somewhere between 35-40. Boss is budgeting around Rs 5,000 as he is uncertain if this is a passing fancy or a genuine interest. They are based in Hyderabad and use will be building compound and some amont of city roads - off roading is not envisaged.

Catch 22 - if bike is not comfortable & easy to handle then she will give up anyways and boss will say "I told u so". So am trying to get a fairly good bike to keep her interest going and that helps additional budget being allocated :-)

So friends - hit me with your suggestions.....

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BSA series like BSA photon and the likes.. very good,sleek and simple and light enough bikes. And good as a WSD design as well.... See if you find them in Hyd. Inform her about hyd based cycling groups or people. you will find some people on bikezone and there might be a googlegroup- hyderabad cycling club... just to get her started(depending on riding distances and when she gets bored of riding alone)
Hi aneev , its very common to regain childhood intrests in this age , its quite a positive move on the persons part , yes ....the type & quality of cycle that is purchased will definately matter in keeping the interest of the person , the selection of cycle depends on many factors like Height & weight mesurements , riding style , fitness level , type of riding immediately after purchasing ....but what could be it after few days / months also needs to be considered within a few months the person might do long rides also ...which normally happens .

Its not good to take an impulsive decision immediately & buy a Cycle ....since i have seen ppl feeling need to upgrade very soon .

The best way is to try out alll the cycles available in the market & check which one makes U feel best Comfortable riding position along with type of wheels / tyres / gearing & accessories .

The strict caution is against aesthetics ....dont get carried away with colours 7 styling etc ....its the illusion which backfires badly in long term

Happy Riding

this link provides some good info on how to select the parameters of a cycle
Hi. For riding in her building compound, you can select just any bike for her. If she is of average height, she won't find anything too small, so that side of the problem is taken care of. A single speed like a BSA Ladybird or a Hero Miss India would be suitable for the short rides that you have mentioned. She should get a good helmet and that's about it.
Thanks guys. Have gone with your recco - boss man pretty happy...:-)
I got a good bike for her new for 4k.
But how can u get it there.
Else buy wsd bsa bike, that is good within compound, infact any cycle is good within compound.



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