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I am interested in buying a road bike. I'll be using it for daily up-down for college and long drives on weekends. I was thinking of Fomas roadking delux. One or two guys talked in its favor while some went against Fomas. One member of suggested me to go for Hercules Neo. I am very confused, please give some idea for choosing me a good road bike. How is the Firefox Road pro 0050? My budget is near about Rs.14000-15000.

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The only way you will get an answer to your question is by test riding......
Go with the one which you feel is more comfortable......

according to your budget...go for Hybrid bikes...

Thank you. Address(site) provided by you was quite helpful.

i think  firefox would be good if u have a firefox station near u or u can consider neo

There is a firefox station nearby my house. Will consider your view. Thanks.

Always go for that bike in which you feel comfortable , do consider suggestions but test riding will help you more in selection. Firefox would be a good option.

Yeah. Will give a thought for firefox as its station is near by my house and will do test ride first. Thank you.

Hi this is Harshal Kulkarni. At least as a user of Fomas Roadking Delux I won't be suggesting to opt. Recently I added Vittoria make tires to get rid from poky Punctures. Try checking other products by Firefox...... My Contact no 9004046428

Okay. Will give you call sometime. Thanks for your comment. Will consider your thought and let you know when I buy bike.

Hi Ashish I go for long rides & local I always ride Road bike I have Hero Alluminium Thunder Racer Road bike from Goregaon west opp Ratna hotel only for Rs 6000/- in 2008, and gone to Kotch- Mangalore - kerala- Maharashtra Darshan- Sri Lanka & every year to Raigad from Thane for Shiv  Rajyaabhishek in june Rainy season etc., and for local rides I have Hero Hawk road bike smooth running , if you buy MTB you required more resistence. Road bikes indian are also good. CHOICE IS YOURS.

If it's a firm decision to buy a road bike at ~Rs.14000, you can consider Raleigh Clubman also. Visit the link below...

This is a cheaper version (MRP Rs.13375) of the international model which cost around USD 1000. The international model comes with a Tiagra groupset and a different seat.  I am not prompting you to buy this, but suggesting to include this model also in your consideration.  Personally, I have not even seen this model.



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