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I was wondering if anyone can throw light on this. The bicycle's chain is one of the most important parts according to me, yet I find it most neglected since we don't have access to may stores that stock bicycle friendly spares and parts. As basic as lubrication, which is so important to avoid wear & tear, especially in the monsoons, is something easily neglected. While most cycle shops recommend the regular (WD-40 or other) machine oil, I have done researched and believe that synthetic bicycle chain oil, perhaps containing suspended Teflon is the best. However, I'm not sure where I can get a good one around Thane.
Suggestions please?

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Yo dude !! thats the perfect way....... and guys remember the WD40 is not used as a lubricant but to remove water , you can also use mineral turpentine or thinner instead of WD40 (if you have removed the chain from the bike.)
(AVOID KEROSENE in anyway from touching the chain)
Rainy season - (if you are riding in the rains) keep checking once in a week for dry spots or rusty spots due to dryness , and oil it once again.

Take Care

Ride Safe

Anindya.. wanted to thank you for your detailed description of the oiling process. Followed it to the tee and it works well!

Thanks again!!!
Wow - Thanks for all the expert advice. I feel more confident about getting down to do my bike work myself now :) Also, anyone know where I can get a good bicycle tool (all in one) that isn't too expensive. Lost my last one (Firefox original) :( and I feel terrible. I want another one but hoping to not spend too much on it.
Gear -the bike shop has high quality multy tool which are value for money in the long run. you can contact D-pak on 9833 five three 7091.

If you are looking for cheaper one you can try Metro Cycle Shop at Kalbadevi.
Muchas gracias, Faisal!
Some nice study & explaination on chain lubrication on the above link

with my personal hands-on experience in Marine & Power Plants & after studying the chain parts thoroughly i recomend the following procedures as below .....

there are 3 types of lubrication
1) hydrodynamic ... pressure Lubrication as in all types of engines where oil is pumbed in between the bearings with a pressure pump this case the bearing surfaces are always seperated by a thin pressurised film of oil in between them & they never contact each other while running .

2 ) Semiboundry ... where mostly the bearing is partially dipped in oil or oil is splashed constantly on it seeps in between the surfaces & lubricates without any pressure .

3) Boundry Lubrication where the bearing surfaces are thinly coated with oil & where there is maximum contact / rubbing in between the bearing surfaces .

The Lubrication in the cycle chain is of the 3rd type Boundry Lubrication .

A :- 1) Regular cleaning of chain with fine wire brush & then dry cloth is must to keep of dust& water particles . water is equally dangerous since it enters insides easily & breaks the oil film thats formed causing direct contact apart from adding small abrassive particles caused by Rusting .

2 ) Regular Oiling of chain with a thin ( easily flowable ) oil thats not too sticky .

3) Best way is to invert the cycle on the seat & handle bars & then work on the chain cleaining ....this position allows You to sit / stand in a very comfortable position & do the job ....
4) then rotate the chain & apply a fine wire brush ... *first sideways* ....from both the sides so that you dont push the dust on the insides of the chain ...

5) then clean the rear sprocket & the crank ( pedal gear) in same way by applying the brush side ways ...this can be easily done as You rotate / move the gears & chain

6 ) Clean the brush thoroughly & then apply it on the moving chain from bottom & top .

7 ) Use a thin brush to clean crevices that cannot be accessed by the wire brush ( like a nylon brush thats used to apply oil to chapatis its available on road side hawkers )

8) Use a lint free ( one which has no fibres hanging ...these small fibres wedge inside the chain parts & jam them ) dry cloth to wipe the chain & the gears . Be careful not to jamm your fingers in between the chain ,gears & other parts ...theres a good chance of this happening if you are not alert & in proper position !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 )Inspect the gears & chain visually for any dust etc .

10) turn the chain & gears by turning the crank/pedal with one hand to a slow speed & drop the oil in a continious thin line flow by other hand ... so that it gets applied to every part of links ...specially the insides ( chain rollers ).

11) once the complete chain is coated turn the chain faster & shift it through all the gears in opposite direction ( running it cross chained ) this will carry the lubricant to the innermost parts .

12) continue to cross run the chain 3 to 4 times with a small stop in between .

13) Clean away the excess oil on the chain with a clean cloth .

14) Never use water jets & soap solutions as this takes water & soap to innermost spaces from where its difficult to remove with simple techniques .

15 ) Compare two oils by holding a drop of sample oil in between your thumb & 1st finger ( index finger ) vertically ( the index finger being on top ) & seperate them slowly .....

see how long the oil sustains to stick between the two fingers ....

the oil that continues to stick in the longest gap is the stickiest ... dont use this will attract lot of dust & cause abrassion & wear of the chain .

16 ) never use Greases on any type of chains , they attract lots of dust & never goes inside when squeezed out starving the parts of lubrication .

Specialised Chain Cleaning equipment can be easily designed & made available if there are any serious consumers for that . One will be dry brushing type & other will be an extensive Solvent & Lubricant dip & pass type with brushes .

I will post a more extensive method which needs to be done at long intervals very soon .
Simplest way to clean the chain:

Get a removable link [Powerlink for SRAM, Missing link for KMC and Wipperman for Shimano], Remove the chain from the bike, put in a plastic bottle with some kerosene/diesel, shake well. Repeat, wash with citric based soap [Palmolive has one], rinse with water. Cut the bottle, wipe and leave chain in sun to dry.

Replace chain, lube with Singer oil[ just a drop on each roller], and backpedal for a while. Wipe off excess.

If you get in the habit of a chain wipe down after every ride, you wont need elaborate chain cleaning very often.

Removing the chain and the wheel also allows better cleaning of cassette and the RD pulleys. I use WD40 for the pulleys [dont let it get in the bearings [just spray on a cloth and wipe off the pulleys], and soap water for cassette.

The entire cleaning takes less than a half hour once you get used to it, and I do it maybe once a month [depending on riding conditions].

Another option for on the bike cleaning is the Park chain cleaning tool.
Well I use the same method, it keeps the drivetrain spik-n-span
hi janice
use wd40 to remove all the dirt and old oil fro the chain. clean it dry.
then lube it. GIANT bikes {USA] has a lube kit, available at gear bike shop. it works really well, as its a specially formulated bicycle lube...



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