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Hi Guys,

I have always felt that if the government is serious on going green, why not encourage finance companies to give easy loans on buying a cycle. I'm not aware of any company giving easy loans for buying one.

I've always wanted to own some high-end cycle but they all come in upwards of Rs 20000, now compare this if you want to buy a LED or LCD TV finance companies are willing to give to 0% interest free  finance. Its a mean world!!

Please share your thoughts if you also feel the same or if you know of any company that gives easy finance for buying high-end cycles.


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Hi Vinni.

I completely agree with you. Even I was thinking about the finance option and discussing it on this forum.
If I have to buy a Gadget or electronic stuff I don't have to think much as so many finance options are available.But when it comes to buying a good cycle, I have to think twice.

I guess there are many people who want to upgrade their bikes or want to buy a good bike but budget is a constraint. Either they have to wait till the time they save enough money to buy it or else they have to compromise and then they regret later.

If I tell my Parents or friends that I want to buy a bike costing 20/25 k they will think I have gone mad.

So if we can have some finance options for the members of were we have to pay for the bike in 6 or 12 EMI's it would be great. Either a bank can finance it directly or the Cycle Dealer can tie up with a bank for the same. Like Vijay Sales has a tie up with Citibank and HDFC bank. If u use your citibank or HDFC credit card at Vijay Sales, u will have to pay in 6 and 9 EMI's respectively.

Will speak to my friends in the banks about this.

not yet any companies.
I am wking with a bicycle company , I tried to tie up the banks but they refused my propsal.
They suggest me to buy throgh credit card & convert the amount in easy monthly installments.
But i think finance option will come soon because lot of companie opening their co. owned store for high end bicycles & accessories.



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