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Hi Friends,

I am planning to buy a bicycle with a budget of INR 20,000/-.

I read reviews of FF Target which apparently appears to be mostly negative. Though otherwise it looks awesome. I am not sure about its strength.

And the Montra Rock 1.1 has a very good review compared to Target. Though looks not that great.................

Suggest me anyone of it or any other bike.......... ASAP......

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HI Savit....

Thanks buddy. I am relieved now as FF Target is off my list. Now i am left with Montra Rock 1.1, Btwin RR 5.2 (cons:more expensive) or schnell coupe 3.0 (No idea about durability).

So if you have strong reason for RR 5.2 2013/2014 I am up for it, just need your advise before finalizing it............

hi better then firefox target go for montra rock1.1 it absoulitely value for money

u will never regret ur decesion

happy cycling

ride safe stay fit

chirag shah


Hi chirag,

Thanks bro...... I agree about montra rock 1.1. My only problem is whether its as durable as Btwin- RR 5.2? And if you have montra.... I have certain doubts which i will eventually call and discuss with you..... Hope I can take that liberty as you have mentioned your cell no.

Hi ,

 I am using Montra Rock 1.1 from last 2 months and already crossed 700Km using same. It's very good and I bought this after discussion with Chirag Shah. I am very much satisfied with Montra rock 1.1


Nitin Nikhare


Hi Savit, Chirag and Nitin....

Thank you all for such a generous support and for your help.

After going through tremendous R&D material available across the internet world and reading the same in sleepless nights, I now take pleasure in informing you that I am a proud Owner of TREK 3700 DISK Olive Green (2012 Model) bike (as it fit into my needs and budget). Bought it yesterday only, so won't be commenting much on it.......... But a review will definitely be there.........



 guys I want to buy a good cycle and im damn confused which one to buy!! i seached few cycles like firefox colorado, trek 3700, schnell rover 1.0 etc etc but dont know which one is the best so plz guys help me. And my budget is around 25k

Dear Faiz.....

Please do not duplicate the question........

I am confused between FF Target 21S and Montra Rock 1.1 2015. Please suggest me, which one is better.

According to my knowledge, Montra Rock 1.1 costs around 20k, similar to that of Btwin Rockrider 500 (only if you buy it from Decathlon), which for it's components is basically a steal at that price.

montra rock is a very good bike for the price. i have rock 1.0 2013 which covered more than 10000km.the only mechanical once i faced in this bike was rear cone came loose while jumping from a 5 foot high .although this bike is not supposed to be used for jumps and downhill ride i tend to use it anyway. montra rock is very good bike for the price as it has good riding comfort,controll over any surfaces.

Agreed, you are the reason why I am starting to re-trust and re-install my faith in the indian brands.
But, don't you think RR 500 at ~20k is giving a much better deal than Montra Rock 1.1? With RR 500, one is getting an 8-speed rear cog and a rear SRAM-X4 derailleur, which is far better than Shimano Altus (7-spd)?
I don't know what Rupesh's height is, because if it's ~6', then the 19.5" frame is going to be a bit small? (personal view, I'm 6' tall and have a 21" frame)



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