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Etiquettes to be followed on the website

Here are some etiquettes which I hope people will follow on the website. These are not hard and fast rules. And neither do I have powers to enforce these. These are just some of the things that I feel, if followed, will make the forum a better place for all of us.
  1. When announcing an event, create an event on the Events page. Do not spam people by posting or sending messages to each and every group. If the event is local to one or two group, it is fine to post on that group.
  2. Do not carry out one-to-one communication on the groups page/blog post/forum topic, if it is not relevant. Each member has comment wall enabled on their Profile where you can contact them after adding them as a friend. Or if it's a private discussion you can use Messages feature.
  3. Please categorize whether a particular matter should go into blog post or a forum topic. I have seen many people use blog posts when it should be a forum topic. e.g. bicycle for sale, what kind of cycle should I buy.
  4. People are creating groups at drop of a hat these days, this issue has been discussed in the past too. Do think a few times if the group is really needed or if there exists a previous group which can suffice the purpose. Go ahead and revive it, you can do a lot of things even if you are not the owner of the group.

These are not binding rules, and neither are they comprehensive. Feel free to add more and discuss if you feel any of the etiquettes are wrong.

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Dont mind any actions taken by the Admin, to save this SITE is welcomed by majority all of us i believe..!
Good points guys, I had written to Amit sometime back about adding a "Classifieds" or "Bazaar" section for people  who wants to buy or sell cycle or cycling related products, Amit you had said that you will look at this, please can you add this section.

Am not sure if this might help... we could take some clues from the Heads and Sub heads (Classifieds_For sale by owner vs For sale by dealer/Brands & Dealers etc.) used in another community site that I like....

Having said that, I think the existing format is quite good and pretty expansive in terms of offerings (may wish to further segregate items, possibly)




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