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Etiquettes to be followed on the website

Here are some etiquettes which I hope people will follow on the website. These are not hard and fast rules. And neither do I have powers to enforce these. These are just some of the things that I feel, if followed, will make the forum a better place for all of us.
  1. When announcing an event, create an event on the Events page. Do not spam people by posting or sending messages to each and every group. If the event is local to one or two group, it is fine to post on that group.
  2. Do not carry out one-to-one communication on the groups page/blog post/forum topic, if it is not relevant. Each member has comment wall enabled on their Profile where you can contact them after adding them as a friend. Or if it's a private discussion you can use Messages feature.
  3. Please categorize whether a particular matter should go into blog post or a forum topic. I have seen many people use blog posts when it should be a forum topic. e.g. bicycle for sale, what kind of cycle should I buy.
  4. People are creating groups at drop of a hat these days, this issue has been discussed in the past too. Do think a few times if the group is really needed or if there exists a previous group which can suffice the purpose. Go ahead and revive it, you can do a lot of things even if you are not the owner of the group.

These are not binding rules, and neither are they comprehensive. Feel free to add more and discuss if you feel any of the etiquettes are wrong.

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Good Points Mehul.
No offence but Yes..the Cycling groups in Mumbai are growing at a rate more than our population..!!! wish we had the same rate in Kolkata !!!hahaha ... but ofcourse even if that means one new cyclist then it is welcome...!!!
These are very relevant points, I completely agree with Mehul's views.

Awesome !!

Request everyone to go through it at least once .


nice one...... amit sir we should have a terms and conditions page before people create a new account which states all the above rules and many more which could possibly be there....

Way to go, Mehul.

I would like to add one thing thou....Which I have experienced...

I know we cannot scan people who are cycling enthisiast and the one who joined this site just for the heck of it.

But is there any other way that we can make this site PURELY for cycling breeds rather than considering it as a grounds for dating site??????? (embarassed)!!!!

I had had to BLOCK few users coz of that.


Bhowmik...hope u r listening!!!!!!




Jyoti, Its a valid point you have brought up, unfortunately there is no way Amit can check on every individual as he/she joins this site. He has given us all, this site with utmost good will & intentions, that too exclusively as a "cyclist's site" only for cycling & its related activities. I am appaled to hear that you had to go through a traumatic experience & we must find a way to counsel wanna-be-romeos not to use this exclusive platform gifted to us by Amit for cycling & its related activities.

I suggest that all "group leaders" should give a talk to its members, never to engage in such activities in the future.

Enjoy your cycling.

Hi Adil


Thaaanks a lot for ur support. I know Amit cannot monitor the site activities round the clock but we can join hands and come forward in support to stop these menace.

I am not naming names currently, but am sure those two guys are already reading this and got my message thru. So are the rest whose intention is to pataao a "bindaas" gals!!!! If it gets too much, then I wont keep quiet and would go overnboard in bringing them out in the open on the site itself!!!!




Hi Jyoti,

You are right & have my support for your endevour. This kind of behaviour is dispiseable & needs to be nipped in the bud. This kind of attitude ruins the sanctity of the site Amit has given to us all. His intention was to bring cyclists & everything about cycling onto a single platform & kudos to him for having done that & it is now our collective responsibility to make sure it stays that way, which we will make sure it does. I will speak to seniors like Shammi, Sunil, Satya, Mohit, Mak, Vishal, Zubair, Faisal, Firdaus, Fizzy, Rama, Pushakar, Shweta...from our group & we will come up with a suggestion to stop this nonsense.




in online communities it is very difficult to control who signs up, the anonymity of the internet will also allow people to behave much worse than they would in real life! 

the only way to deter idiots is to publicly bring others attention to their behaviour! that would let others be wary of them and act as a deterant in future to them and others! 


Thaaaaanks Divya. I know one has to take risk in the world wide web, and am not afraid of taking risks.

It is just that I bought up the fact so as to make other female cyclist aware of the same.

Thank God for the "IGNORE" or  "BLOCK" tab, or else it would have been a hell :) :)

totally agree! good to have these up!

one more suggestion....

amit if it is possible to have a FAQ section, and request nubies to read thru that before posting queries in a new discussion thread, if they have been answered a zillion times over already! 



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