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Hello All,

Planning to buy Trek 3700 2014 model in this month and I am completely confused on buying disk or normal v-break bike for me.

Please guide me on which breaks are good to go with on this bike.

Thanks - Niranjan

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i will suggest v-brakes for ease of maintenance 

V brakes

mechanical discs, if you want to ride in wet conditions too..not too high on maintainence as hydraulic brakes.

Mechanical discs are more effective and reliable than VBrakes. If you are going to be doing some serious DownHill riding, a bike with disc brakes would be the better choice and off course a suspension to match. Discs are effective in wet conditions.

As far as maintenance goes, if you take good care of something, be it V or Disc brakes maintenance will be low. If your riding involves wet conditions & down-hills( which the bike is meant for), go for mech discs...I use them, hence suggesting, they are good...


Mechanical  disc is much easier in maintenance than V brakes, good in all weather say mud,rain performance, not depends on rim trueness so a can run bend rims with no problem, dedicated brake surface so no Rim side wear, generally not get dirty like rim surface in mud,..good power as just put n forget...even for removing wheel no need to release d brakes like V...ya Hydraulic disc need a bit maintenance. 



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