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I am a 6.3" moderately built with slightly overweight above 93kg and closing on 30 on Age.


I want to buy a bike which is sturdy enough to take my weight and bear the city roads with sometimes being off road too.


I have a budget of 4-6k but it can be extended if need be...for a VFM proposoition.


I know Trek and other foreign brands are very good and sturdy, but need some inputs for Indian brands too..

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if u can afford go for foreign ones! But i wud suggest hawk nuage 10 gears is good bike. it is serving me well after 7000km of long and short rides combined. and go for geared one. very necessary in 30+ km rides. u can also try hybrid's if you are not aiming for speeds. there are lot of firebox bikes from 6k to 10k in hybrid. Important thing is to ride not the bikes. cheers!

Thanks Maneesh!!!


Planning to visit Kohinoor Cycles tomm, but need to know what to look for for a newbie bike....


Sorry this might be a noob question...


Basic things to keep in mind while buying a city-bike...would help...?


I m leaning towards geared ones...but worried how the shop guy will treat as the cycle can be judged only after a riding...which most of them won't allow...every cycle would have its own feel...which I may not able to get it..


Also, monsoon are around the corner, so is it a good idea to buy a bike...because...cycle and water don't go together....




Hybrid geared bike is a good option.. with your height you need 60-62 cms Frame size.. try options which are inexpensive to start with.. FOMAS has been offering good value for money... if after few months you feel that you are able to persue cycling and want to upgrade.. various options are available like Trek, Scott, etc..also when choosing your bike do check for availablity of its spares as that might get you off the road..hope this helps..



you are a strapping young man. Dont worry about the make of the bike. For fitness you can go for a single gear bike. Most sturdy is the milkman bike. But for comfortable cycling go in for geared ones. 20-30km.ride on any bike is enough for fitness. But let it be brisk. browse net some more for more suggestions on the choice of the bicycle. "want to buy a bike?" is an article on the net. Go through it. you will get most of the answers. visit bikezone - cycling.

I have now shortlisted to the following


  1. Hero Octane Orion (Stable brand...reco by my cycle dealer)
  2. Hercules Roadeo Torpedo ( I liked it...only concern that tube says Max.Load 90 KG whereas I am weighing 97 kg)
  3. Hercules Act 110 which I m not sure abt the price...little bit expensive ...but seems kickass with thinner tires.



For your sake please dont go for the first 2 options. These bike designs are jokes in the name of cycles in india. The Act 110 series are still good enough. Stick with this. Only thing, given your height, the ACt frame may be a lil short. not sure , but check on that one.  try and stick with a basic diamond frame design.

As Mukesh suggested, tht extra money spent on the ACT will be worth it. And if u raising it to 9k, you also have the new FF Target to look at. if the budget is not upgradable, then there is the FF cyclone/tempest bikes.

if you plan to do most of ur cycling on good roads (not off road), go for Hercules ACT110. Around 9k, best Budget hybrid.

FINALLY I did end up buying complete opposite of most suggestion...

I didn't got ACT 110 as its thin tyres scared me off...

I didn't got alumium it was way off budget..


I went for K10 which I couldn't resist as it was looking sturdy and strong with Shimano gears and shifter along with front suspension which I can lock...


For an amateur guy like me I did a first ride today from Thane to Malad via GB in peak hour traffic...


The route along the national park was fantastic and a dream come true...


Although I had difficulty adjusting the gears for inclines...


I rode mostly 2nd gear in front and from 3-6 at back...but had to get off on Incline...


Any suggestions which gears to use for incline and how to change it...back one first? or front ones first?


Would appreciate your candid feedback and help on gearing as I am a novice to cycling.






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