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Desperate need to change Front fork of my adidas genius bicycle.

Hi guys,

I have Adidas Genius 9001 cycle which needs urgent servicing. Several parts like QR, Shimano RD along with Front fork need repair.

However my priority is the Front fork which need tobe changed immediately since the fork brace( V brake arch) is broken.I need help from fellow members who have done this before.

So long I have tried Kalbadevi (Mumbai) but no luck.I got in touch with dealers through Urban trail website but they said it would be costly. I need a way so that I can get it done with minimal cost. I believe the fork is Mozo- USA ( courtesy- technical specification  from fellow a member).

I reached one Jalaram Cycles, Goregaon ( Mumbai) who said it would cost roughly 4k. He suggested me to carry fork to his shop where he would repair keeping the cost low.I don't know how this can  be done.

Now my questions are.

  1. Can the fork be repaired?
  2. If yes can it be welded by using spare brace?
  3. Or can the lower leg of fork be changed with some Indian company, preferably Hero cycles, since adidas was rebranded by Hero cycles

Kindly help me out guys becoz I need to service the bicycle immediately which has been lying idle with Local Bicycle Shop for a fortnight.

P.S.My apology, I could not upload any bike pics.

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well buddy , you can weld the fork BUT it need a sound knowledge on engineering,. well in this process you will face a lot of headache as u will melt down the plastic bushing for sure, so u need to make a metal bush there after...and in the entire case you cant get a fork like an original, so leave it.....get a Suntour XCT/XCM fork from either firefox dealers ..also have a look on suncross dealers ,they are now dealing on Suntour forks too..mentioning in any case dont go bellow 100mm travel,(better to use higher travel fork)..but if you invest on Rockshox it will be a game changer for the money... for hangers, i cant confirm with any web link or such as most bike need different , so u can try ffox or other bikes alloy made hanger if they work, otherwise try to make it from solid aluminum flat or ask your local mechanical workshop to make one for you or simply weld it by oxy-acet. gas welding locally.

Thanks for your reply.

I did inquire about suntour xct from ffox cycles. The guy told me it would cost around 2.5k without locking mechanism. But the waiting time is too long. He told me to wait a month. Now my bicycle is lying with LBS for servicing, I told him to get Shimano Altus RD and it has been lying there for 10 days since he was unable to get the exact RD with hanger in quick time. I will be inquiring the progress today.

Thanks for your comment

RD you can get in India...dont know about d hanger

*make sure the fork may or maynot have lockout, thats up to you but ** must have to be 100mm travel or +

My LBS have got new RD but without hanger. I'm stuck now because he says it cannot be fixed without hanger.

If you are not able to find a derailleur hanger then you can try out indian jugaad, buy a local derailleur and remove the mechanism from it, that will give you the derailleur hanger and it should work perfectly fine.

Example removing the mechanism from this one will give you the hanger -



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