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Desperate need to change Front fork of my adidas genius bicycle.

Hi guys,

I have Adidas Genius 9001 cycle which needs urgent servicing. Several parts like QR, Shimano RD along with Front fork need repair.

However my priority is the Front fork which need tobe changed immediately since the fork brace( V brake arch) is broken.I need help from fellow members who have done this before.

So long I have tried Kalbadevi (Mumbai) but no luck.I got in touch with dealers through Urban trail website but they said it would be costly. I need a way so that I can get it done with minimal cost. I believe the fork is Mozo- USA ( courtesy- technical specification  from fellow a member).

I reached one Jalaram Cycles, Goregaon ( Mumbai) who said it would cost roughly 4k. He suggested me to carry fork to his shop where he would repair keeping the cost low.I don't know how this can  be done.

Now my questions are.

  1. Can the fork be repaired?
  2. If yes can it be welded by using spare brace?
  3. Or can the lower leg of fork be changed with some Indian company, preferably Hero cycles, since adidas was rebranded by Hero cycles

Kindly help me out guys becoz I need to service the bicycle immediately which has been lying idle with Local Bicycle Shop for a fortnight.

P.S.My apology, I could not upload any bike pics.

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Come on guys!

Seriously, I need help on my bike and yet no one has replied my mail. Pls help me with my queries


I am sure everyone will suggest the same.

Thanks for your reply, Sanatkumar.

Now if I want to replace it where can i get it done in Mumbai.I got in touch with Urban Trail dealers but they didn't quote any price. So I need information on the estimated amount I want to spend. Also I have something on my mind. What if I intend to change lower leg of the fork with some hero cycles fork. Can this be done.


No. It needs to be replaced by the same make . If you are not getting it in Mumbai then please bring the bike to Pune and check out the LIFE CYCLE - Mall, Surendra cycles and get it done.

Thanks. Will find a way either to carry bike or fork to pune


Any idea what type of derailleur hanger would fit my adidas genisu bike.

I need information so that my LBS can go ahead with servicing

Hi, it seems that it has Shimano system, so there are several options avaialble in market. Please verify the fit and thread engagement. Do not allow wide lateral shifts. Please visit reliable shops and dont manipulate the fittings. It may cause failures in future.

I cannot verify the hanger because I don't have the broken one. I just have to visit shops physically with the swingarm removed from the bike and look for it.


Hi Sanat,

I got my bike from servicing without any overhaul. I tried to ride it it on high gear and found my chain was slipping. What could be the reason?

I tried LifeCycle mall, hirabaug, Pune but they don't stock QR intended for my bike. Also the RD is costly if you compare it with Amazon US or Ebay US.

So I think I have to content myself with the fact that Hero's Urban trail after sales service is pathetic because of limited access to spares.

I have to find another way.

By the way I need your advice whether Btwin QR (MTB) will fit adidas genius bike?

Yes Btwin QR will fit ur bike. If you have any doubts then just measure ur Axle length to be on the safe side. For RD , which one are you lloking to buy and how much did they quote for it? Also no point in comparing prices on Amazon USA as when you buy it from there you need to pay postage plus there will be almost 40% import duty and excise tax on it.

thank you. I got my bike from servicing without any major upgrade.

I was unable to fix my RD hanger because of its non availability at the moment.

Also I need to ask when I tried to ride on my bike my chain was slipping. Any idea what could be the reasons



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