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Cyclocomputer - Bontrager Trip 1, now available in India

Hi All, Now we are having Bontrager's Trip 1 cycle computer in our stock which provides all the essential data a rider needs to
know how fast, how far, and how long, all in an easy to operate, easy to
read display.

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plzzz where this cyclometer available & what is the cost ?? I have purchased 2 I had Purchased 2 Polars Ccyclometer for Rs 500/- each which have many functions pulse rate - heart beat- callories burn + other funstions
Hi Pradip,

Thanks for your comments.

The cost of this cyclo computer is Rs. 1670/- (Plus Octroi, if applicable).

Can you pls. let us know the store from you bought your cyclometers & which brand is this............
what make and where in mumbai do you get this..
if u please let us know all the functions that it can perform of this master piece.
Make is Bontrager, Model is Trip 1 & 6 functions are as follows :
Function 1 # Current Speed
Function 2 # Maximum Speed
Function 3 # 12/24 Clock
Function 4 # Elapsed Time
Function 5 # Settable Odometer
Function 6 # Auto Start-Stop
These are the basic functions of a cycle computer is there something special in this like GPS or maps etc...
Where  I will get & what is the cost?

You can get a cheap china make for Rs500 or more   depending on the model.. I bought one 6 months back and its working fine. It gives Current Speed, Distance, Time cycled, Average Speed, Total Distance, Max Speed it also has Mode where it keeps cycling the above details .. 


I bought mine from a cycle store on  Malad Link road, between Inorbit and Bhikaji Sweets.. I think the name of the shop is Bharadwaj cycles..


Mind you there is no warranty or guarantee for this piece though as for any product made in china.. but i turned out good for me..  


Where did you get yours which has pulse rate - heart beat- callories burn,etc for Rs.500  ???

pff 1600 bucks for this stupid computer. dude are you kidding!?
I bought kin hang for just 350. and it shows more than what i need.
dist, max dist, avg dist, current dist, time, max speed, etc
In metros it should be available for not more than 200 :P

for heart rate i wud recommend go for heart rate monitor.
Can anyone show me cycle computer which also shows CADENCE(Paddle R.P.M.).I had one some years ago.The make was CATEYE. Is it available now anywhere?
you willhave to fit separate computer for cadence offcourse.



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