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Hello! I own a 3 month old Trek 1200sl roadbike and yesterday while cleaning it I noticed some unevenness in the seatpost near the clamp. I was shocked to see that its actually a hairline fracture. Its a vertical line which extends to about an inch and a half. Its not clearly visible unless viewed from certain angles and it seems to be a small crack. Considering the bike is just 3 months old this is not what was expected! The thought of sharp carbon fiber impaling me in the rear scared the shit out of me!! Could firefox please replace this seatpost?

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The thought of sharp carbon fiber impaling me in the rear scared the shit out of me!!

hahahah... im sorry at the situation you are in dude.. Carbon does behave funny at times when its cracked
ouch !
well yeah, it is prone to self destruct if damaged. Sites like these ->

dont help either =/
OK can firefox atleast reply to this? I've sent you guys a mail already, yesterday and today also. I have had no reply till now!
did something happen to the bike? Any impact or something, or did you put any undue pressure on the saddle (though that shouldn't really be an issue).
If it happened randomly, then its quite weird :/ probably a fault in the carbon fiber.
Write to Trek, though you won't probably get a decent reply since the 1200sl is a 2006 model if I'm not mistaken... Firefox should do something about it.
If you picked it up from Nerul, then just give Jaydeep a call, he'll help out..
Dear Sir,

Sorry for this mishappening with the Carbon Seat post. It normally does not happen like this.

Did you tried to adjust the seat post.

How ever you have to send some pic. of the bike seat post to we will see and provide you a solution for this.

Best Regards
Firefox Bikes
I have not touched the ride height since I bought the bike. The bike has never been in a crash. On Sunday while cleaning I noticed some unevenness which turned out to be a crack. I will mail the pictures and details to the mail id provided. Thank you! :-)
Dear Shreyas & All,

We have replaced the cracked seat post without any charge.

We all should know how to treat with carbon components, Only torque tools has to be used with carbon components as each & every components has its own properties & has to be tighten at prescribed weight.

We are here to help you out in any case.

Feel free to get in touch with us for all your bike regarding problems & needs.

Ride Hard Ride Fast

Firefox Bikes
Thanks for replacing he seatpost! :-)
I have already mailed you my response.
Dear Ziyaad,

We are sorry for this mishappening with the saddle of your bike. We always assure our customers / bikers our best service & spares availability on time.

As per your yesterday's telephonic conversation with Technical guy from Firefox Bikes, Saddle has been already despatched by Kaveri Motors, Ahmedabad at the delivery address provided by you.

You are requested to wait for the courier & feel free to write us at for further assistance.

Ride Hard Ride Fast

Firefox Bikes
I have to say this - if all of Firefox had the same attitude as you, they'd be doing a lot better.

Kudos to you for taking the lead in improving the responsiveness of Firefox's customer service.



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