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Hello! guys I am new at ICN and I am here because i wanted to know eveything about participation in national events in india. I want to make myself a cyclist and play for india at international events like olympics and tour de france so how should i start. Please help me out of this turmoil

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Hi Param,

Nice to know your dreams and ambitions to play for India at international events. I really liked you mentioning about Olympics and tour de france. It means you've set really higher goals. Keep up same spirit!

I would like to know your exact age, occupation (if any), family background, financial background, kind of cycle(s) you personally own currently and finally kind of cycling you've done so far.



actually i'm 18yrs and 7months doing btech at iiita . family is middle class 60k per month. I'm new at cycling.

What Pradip has suggest is exactly I also like to suggest you. Hard work with consistency only will help you if you want career in cycling.

 Hi Param, if you want to make career in cycling you have to go normal road bike without gears and daily ride at least 30 to 40 kms  with full water bottle starting you can go for 10 to 15 kms then increase,  check your diet if you work place is at above range you can go by your cycle to office, consume more fruits to be healthy , when i had gone to Sri lanka for cycling , there they mke practice  cycling without gears.



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