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can we put road tyres on mtb 26 to increase speed

hiee friends i bought an mtb 6 months back i ride on highways everday recently while surfing got a video where from expertvillage the guy expains how to put slicks on mtb to increase speed by 30% and more on roads i want to know is it possible to do so what will be the cost and where can i get these tyres from and i toooooooooo wanna purchase lights for my mtb as well as do we have any light which can glow as soon as we hit the brakes plzzzzzz help me cause there is a huge discomfront if i ride at evening and night.... i have post my bike pics as well

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Yes u can put Hybrid Tires, Road Tires will not fit
thanks buddy
Yes, slicks for MTBs are available with many of our cycle shops here.. Either at Gear bandra or Jo@Thane n others too.
Why do you want brake connected rear lights? it wont make any special difference over the regular rear lights except for a show-off factor. Though I believe Anool was working on something on these lines with LEDs. You will find a post of his somewhere here.  The regular rear lights either Raleigh/ Trek/ cost anything around 300-500 i think.
thanks buddy



what is the cost of slick tyres for mtb i have 26 and by how many percent can it increase the bike performance
I got Continental Semi Slick 26X1.75 for 360/- a pair
Did you find any improvement in performance ?

Yes, the original tyres where soft knobbies hence there was significant improvement. 

Not all MTB looking bikes have soft knobbies hence the performance might vary 

thanks for helping bro but where can i get them and while i was searching for slick tyre info i got through this pic WHICH IS SIMILAR TO MTB TIRE WITHOUT ANY KNOBS ON IT JUST DESIGHN FLAMES WHERE CAN I GET THEM AND THE CONTINENTAL TYRES WHERE CAN I CHECK THE RANGE
You can talk to local large cycle shops for the Contis I think the model is Travel Contact 26X1.75 Semi Slick
THANKS BRo u have been a great help



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