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BSA Mach vs Hero Hawk vs Hamilton Flying Pigeon

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Its great to know that such a forum exists in India where not too many people are interested in serious cycling.
Now something about me - I am a cycling enthusiast since childhood. I have been the proud owner of - BSA SLR, BSA Photon, BSA Mach and Hercules Cannon Barrel. I came to Mumbai about a year ago to work for TCS. Now my package has increased a bit and I think I can now treat myself to a cycle. I usually take an auto to work but now I have decided that I am going to use a cycle instead.
Since I am very lean and also cannot afford an expensive(read costing greater than 5K) bike, I think that the bikes mentioned in the title would suit me best.
My thoughts/observations regarding the above models -
1. BSA Mach: The biggest problem I see with this bike is that the main bar has been tapered and is not straight as was in the previous models. This ruins the look of the cycle.
2. Hero Hawk: For no particular reason, the brand Hero doesnt appeal to me. Also the current graphics on Hawk look gawdy at best.
3. Hamilton Flying Pigeon: My local repair guy stricly advises against going for Hamilton. He says the build quality is poor.

So that leaves me confused. Please help. I need to make a decision soon.



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I have a Hero Hawk- a pre Nu Age model, and except for its weight, its fine. I have had a Mach earlier, and it was a different frame. By the way, this one comes in an 18" and a 22" frame, and build quality is better than the Hawk. But if you can live with the sloping top tube, you might consider the Hero Thunder Racer. They have stopped production, but someone on has bought one last week for less than 7k. Its aluminium alloy and its lighter and as well built as these other bikes. About the Hamilton, I have no idea.
hey Ravi,

I have a hero hawk nu-age and I think it beats the BSA mach and atlas concorde by far. I don't know much about hamilton flying pigeon but I haven't seen anybody ride one so far. You could always go for the Hero thunder racer (aluminium alloy), if you find one.
As far as the graphics on the hero hawk is concerned, it can all be removed. I understand what you meant about the gawdy graphics on the bike. But the day i bought it...i peeled off all the stickers from the bike..removed the reflectors...removed the mudgaurds..and voila! it looked like a serious roadbike. Check out some pics on my blog and you'll know what I am talking about.
i have a mach 1 with a 22" frame.......its got a straight top bar....the 18" model comes with a tapering bar.....but buy the 22" frame size only if it suits height is 5'7" nd its a bit big for me.....not vry uncomfortable though......the repair guy is probably right abt hamilton....i have seen hamilton owners not very happy with their bikes.....i think the road bike frm hamilton or avon (im not sure) comes with starlit is advisable to stay away frm those....
Hi Ravi,

I have bad experience of BSA SLR & Mach-1bikes,U can use these bikes for normal routine only.
U can't trust on frames of BSA SLR & Mach-1 bikes during long rides,For other spares u don't get any problem.
1)My BSA SLR frame broke in National Park (in 1989 My School Days Bike) .2)We dropped our Mumbai-Terekhol (Goa Border Fort) tour in Jaogarh due to same problem.
Check our link
If u r budget is in between 5 to 6 K then U can keep trust on Hero and Atlas Make bikes.
About the Hamilton, I have no idea but bikes are light in weight as compare to ATLAS,Halk.
Hamilton Flying Pigeon: the build quality is poor.
Man this is shit.

Don't mind. If u r intrested to know I can give u not less than 5 reasons why Flying peagon is better than else.
B'coz I haven't heard but used all these models for long.

Only thing I would like to tell u right now is that I have rided my flying peagon more than 5000 kms till now without any repairs, tyre punctures, is exception. I am quite sure it will still go more 5000 kms if I use it the same careing way.

I have been to hero cycle industry and saw how the cycles r made from steel sheets till box pack, Hamilton is taiwan brand and right now they have shifted there market from India to else. Go visit Hamilton site and see they r manufacturing ISO certified professional road bikes now.
I vote to Hamilton and anybody wants to challange flying peagon I am ON.
Calm down buddy. I understand your anger when someone accuses a brand that has proved a worthy investment for you.
Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing, I was referring to
when I expressed my opinion.

Guys I have purchased a Hero Hawk Nu Age. I am using it to commute to work daily. Working fine so far.
Not angry but surprised, for more detailsplz visit
anybody knows wats the weight of hero hawk nuage. i own the bike and find it very good! the best bike i have ridden till now
The Mach 18 speed was about 17 kg or perhaps a little more. The Hawk 10 speed was heavier than that. The Nu age does not have lugs. So it may be saving a few grams. If its a single speed without the aero bars, which would easily add 2 kg, then this bike would be about 15-16 kg.
If you are in Bombay, take it to your local Bangaar wala and weigh it there.
I have a mach 1 single speed and it weighs15kg...It has no mud guards, no aero bars..Just a carrier..I have no idea how much weight would the derailleurs add..
i dont have technical knowledge about bikes. but just giving my opinion. i have a hero hawk nu age 15 gear. its 3 yrs since i have brought it and i am very happy with it. i havent had any major problems with it.



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