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Is there a listing of bike shops in and around Delhi?

I'm aware of...
  • Track & Trail in Lajpat Nagar market area
    • Bianchi, Cannondale, Schwinn, BSA Hercules
  • Firefox on MG Road, just south of Vasant Kunj Road
    • Firefox, Trek
I'm interested in Continental tires and tubes, plus SRAM components and biking shorts and shirts.

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Good luck getting SRAM in India. If I ever mention that my bike has SRAM Rival on it to a bike shop guy, I am usually met with a few seconds of awkward silence, and then "yes, but this is Shimano. It is a branded product - very high quality" (guy pointing to a 2200 shifter).

Prabodh Keny (based in Mumbai and on this board) and (Bangalore) may be able to sort you out but that's about it.

Ditto bibs and jerseys (atleast, decent ones).

Mail order is your best best.
Thank you. I'm thinking to have my wife pick up some items and ship it from Taiwan. India definitely doesn't have the upmarket accessories.

The cycling market here is still quite young and the infrastructure in general seems poor. I'm seriously considering pulling off my 700c x 23 and putting on 700c x 28.
It's growing. 2 years ago, I dont think there were any decent road bikes - and now you get Giant, Orbea, Trek, Bianchi, C'dales and Kona. Accessories are still not here, though. Pretty much everything I need, I get off Ebay or one of the mail order shops.

As for infrastructure - depends where you ride. Delhi should have decent roads - I know a couple of riders on Bikeszone who do TTs and such in Delhi.

Delhi now has surprisingly good roads because of the Commonwealth Games, I was just talking to a cyclist friend of mine and he was raving about it.
The test is to see how long they last for. :P
You get pretty decent shorts and jerseys from Keny, but bib shorts aren't that easy to find.
The roads are decent around Delhi core, but getting out into the the CWG areas is back to pounding ground. I just realized I killed a $ 60 tire Saturday morning with a hole in the sidewall tonight. Rough roads are for sure.

What or where's Keny?
They'll last longer than the roads in the Andamans, for sure... btw, where are you located, Aman? If you are in Delhi, I'll bring the Ridley over and hand it to you in person in late Sep or so. You can check it out first that way, as well.

@Michael - Prabodh Keny is a dealer on this forum who is your source for the bling stuff (Cervelos, disc wheels, etc) - he's based in Mumbai. The Kona dealer is in Pune (Rider Owned Bikes). Orbea has an Indian dealer as well ( or something like that). Giant - there is a dealer in Bangalore. also handles high end stuff such as Colnagos.

Nah, I'm in Bombay.. You coming here any time soon?
Where's the Giant, Orbea and Kona in Delhi?
Dont think they are present in Delhi.

@Aman - no immediate plans for Mumbai but let's see how it goes.



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