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Friends...., i saw many people using shaving materials cleaning their freewheels....
in wanna know what actually they use & why

pls suggest

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NandaDeep Paul, U have led me into confusion !!! I see a person sitting in a style   roadside barbers sit, and instead of a head to shave, he is working on a cycle. Also he has, what u claim  to be a Can with Shaving Cream in it. and the question is ".... I saw many ppl using Shaving Materials cleaning their freewheels.. I wanna know what actually they use and why ...."    Well  1) there is only 1 person there, so your assumption "many ppl" goes out of the window.  2) There is no brand of Shaving Cream or any other info  as to what the Can contains, visible, so I can assume that there is some stuff (that the person might be thinking will clean/polish or improve his cycle looks or rolling).  The best way to find out is try some stuff yourself and check out the results.  However I am very averse to giving my cycle a SHAVE  and shall look forward to you putting up the results on this site.  

   Oh by the way please take this in a lighter vein and not too seriously !!!

i swear , i saw a person using "Gillette can" in mtb himachal pics.
but i m not able to find the pic. now..........
I believe its a can of WD-40 or similar agent to help loosen the dirt on the bike. Helps in the cleaning process.
Looks like a can of cleaner (citrus ?) or de-greaser.  Definitely not "shaving cream". Whatever gave you that idea.
Thats not a shaving gel or foam man.. Thats a de-greaser or some kind of cleaner!! Search for it in your nearest LBS..



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