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I wonder how many of you guys use toe clips or cleats. Though right now I can not claim to be a "cyclist" since I do not ride more than once in six months, a few years back I used to be a regular. I had got so used to riding with toe clips on (cleats were very new at that time) that if I would try riding a bike without toe clips, I felt very uncomfortable, sometimes even getting unbalanced. My feet had got so accustomed to pulling as well as pushing the pedals, that even today, when I try riding a bicycle without toe clips, I have to be careful.

People have often felt alarmed by the thought of having their feet "tied" to the bike when they ride in traffic. I found it hard explaining to them that its so easy to remove your feet from the toe clip at a moment's notice.

Your views please?

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I have absolutely no experience of cleats. The last time I prepared a shoe to remove all dead spots from pedalling, I bought a leather soled football boot, yanked out the studs (which were also leather) and nailed on two bits of rubber under each shoe so that the knife edge of the pedal would fit into the gap between the two bits. That made for some killer pedalling, but in traffic that would be very risky.

Rakesh, how easily can you free the shoes from the pedals with cleats?
I find this topic by Minkey Chief to be a well written and detailed report and conversations thereon as well
This is where I first read about these cleats and toe clips:Of course the Nair brothers being a part of BZ know all about the said report.



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